The Smart Farm Assistant from Porphyrio® is a cloud-based tool that makes it possible to effectively collect and compare all relevant information on farms


To measure is to know

The Smart Farm Assistant, a tool developed by Porphyrio® ensures that all registrations (water intake, feed intake, failure, age, temperature, production ...) are automatically transmitted, regardless of the type of your barn computer, sensors or software. The data can be imported in three ways. You can either insert it manually, you can work with a production card scan or you can work with an automatic link with the barn computer. This ensures that all registrations (water intake, feed intake, loss, age, temperature, production, etc.), regardless of the type of barn computer, sensors or software, are automatically forwarded. Data that you obtain through the barn computer can be combined with other data such as that of the feed factory, data from the hatchery, information from veterinarians, activities in the barns, etc.

The analysis of these data is carried out by using big data techniques designed by Porphyrio’s data analysts and livestock experts after more than ten years of scientific research.

"The longer you work with it, the more you can distract. It's not a guesswork."

The processing of the results is shown in the form of icons and graphs on the interactive dashboard. The data from your stables is compared with what you can expect from the breed, a standard. You can also create your own graphs in which you compare different stables or historical flocks with each other.

All files that belong to the compulsory farm register are classified under file management within the Smart Farm Assistant. This includes, for example, administration-and-delivery-documents, contracts, feed coupons, laboratory results, slaughter reports, etc. The portal provides administrative simplification for the poultry farmer. With just a few clicks, you can retrieve that one document you are looking for.

An optional Early Warning module is available within the Smart Farm Assistant. This module ensures that you are warned when the incoming values differ from the normal behaviour of the animals. On the intuitive dashboard, which can be consulted on your computer, smartphone, laptop and tablet, you can see in which barn the problem occurs. This way, you get healthier animals that perform better with a sharp feed conversion.

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