Why Pehevaxx®

Over the last two decades, and especially in recent years, social pressure to reduce antibiotic use in animal husbandry has increased significantly. Effective reduction is necessary to prevent microbial resistance to a wide range of antimicrobial agents. Vaccination is an essential part of antibiotic reduction.

However, vaccine administration is a labour-intensive process and can be challenging for intensive livestock farms. The demand for automation of administration has therefore risen sharply, increasing the need for control and monitoring.

In addition, a lot of factors influence the result of vaccination: transport, storage, preparation and hygiene, state of the mixing equipment and administration materials... Inadequate vaccination has a negative impact on effectiveness, animal welfare and production results, and also increases the chance of spreading undesirable germs. This can have a negative effect on the company's results and impede an optimal return on the investment made. There is a clear need from the sector for a certified vaccination programme.

Pehevaxx® can be applied to poultry, cattle and pigs.

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